Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits (or Where Have I Been?)

Blogging has been a major part of my routine for quite some time now. As you may have noticed, I haven't posted anything new for a while. Why? I have about 2,892 posts floating around in my head, but let me give you a few tidbits about life lately:
  • June
    • Bought our first house
    • Attended a conference in Florida
  • July
    • Painted every interior wall of the house
    • Painted the brown, wooden trim white throughout the house (2 coats of primer + 2 coats of paint = approximately 45,000 hours of painting)
    • Moved out of an apartment and into the house
  • August
    • Worked on house projects
    • Learned that the adoption agency we wanted to work with has stopped accepting applications for now (which is good for the families on the waiting list, but bad for us)
    • Met our puppy
  • September
    • Enjoyed having my parents visit for a week
      • Took day trips to several locations
      • Searched thrift stores and antique shops with my mom
      • Decorated many of the bare walls in our house 
    • Brought home our puppy
      • Instantly became sleep deprived
      • Found flea on puppy (EEEWWW!!)
      • Panicked!
      • Flea-bombed, laundered, and scrubbed everything in sight
      • Took puppy outside as often as possible in hopes of keeping floor clean and dry
      • Cleaned floor over and over and over again...
      • Taught now-flealess puppy to sit and to fetch
      • Snuggled with the cutest puppy known to man
    • Learned that the informational meeting at our back-up adoption agency has been postponed another week
Whew! Is that enough to justify a blogging sabbatical? 

Like I said, I have a lot of posts floating around in my head. They will be coming at you soon, but for now, just look at this adorable little life-disrupter.


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! What a cute little puppy!

    1. We have! His cuteness helps us on those days he is a ton of work.

  2. Cute puppy! What's his/her name?

    1. Thanks, Lisa. We named him Luongo after my husband's favorite hockey player, but we call him Louie.

  3. whew! Just reading about your summer made me tired! And that puppy! Oh.My.Word! What a cutie patootie!!!


    1. We feel tired, too, Elisha. It's all been worth it, though!

  4. What a cute puppy! Luongo is my MIL's favourite player, too ;)