Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sourdough is fun to make, and we love the taste! At least that change was a good one.

In other news, we are in another “hard to be around children” phase. Sometimes, it feels like we are the only ones without kids.

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Praise the Lord for blessing me with a wise husband! On a walk, he listened patiently to my newly acquired “knowledge” and the corresponding confusion.

[Side note: I am starting to doubt that knowledge is power; knowledge seems to be stress in this internet age. Have you ever looked up your symptoms online? You will become convinced that death is around the corner]

Anyway, back to our walk. My wise and patient husband listened to me unload, then discussed options with me:
  1. Drastically change the way we live. Our grocery expenses would increase exponentially, we would have to invest in kitchen items (juicer, blender, etc.), and I would have to learn how and what to cook. 
  2. Forget about the research and keep on keeping on. 
  3. Make reasonable changes where we can. If gluten is a problem, I can cut down on my gluten intake. If canned goods are bad, I can choose jars when available.
We chose option three. Making a drastic change is not feasible right now. I will take reasonable steps with our diet, such as adding more vegetables and making sourdough bread. The sourdough process makes gluten easier for our bodies to handle.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


A friend told me about candida yeast today. I did an internet search about it and learned that it can cause infertility. To get rid of the bad yeast, you have to cut out gluten, sugar, and more. That sounds tough, but I would do it for a baby.

The web search led me in other directions. Apparently, many problems such as cancer and infertility can be caused by a high acidity level in the body. To balance the acidity, you are supposed to avoid one food and eat another. Then, there’s the “cave man” diet. Oh, and canned goods, food colorings, and processed foods contribute to infertility.

Which strict diet am I supposed to follow? And how am I going to gain any weight if I can’t eat anything? Oh, and stress increases the acidity in your body. If I wasn’t too acidic before, I am now.